Fire Update

Here you can see a map of the fire area as of 10:30 am sunday.  My sister in law lives in diamond-bar, and is currently evacuating to my parent-in-law’s place in LA.   Chino Hills state park is toast, I will post pictures of what it used to look like in a later entry so you can see what it was like when we hiked there earlier this year.

It looks like sarahs office is safe, but now its going a new direction.

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  1. Okay, I’m ready for the next update- I haven’t had time to watch the news lately, and they tend to stop talking about things that don’t get them ratings even if the situation is worse.

  2. As of tuesday night, the fire was mostly contained, and everyone has gone back home. air is still smokey, and ash is covering orange county, but no one died.

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