Ho Humming

Last monday at work, A humming bird got trapped in the 20 foot high sky-light at work.  Too far away to reach with our ladder, we were helpless as it buzzed against the glass trying to get out.  by the end of the day, it dropped to the ground.  The Man, assuming all was lost, put it in a shoebox with some water outside.  She didnt move.   I took it over to a warm bench light and tried to nurse it back, but it looked like it was dying.  Trying to find something to help, the best i could come up with was a foil packet of apple juice.  I tried to feed it some, put it back in the shoebox and took it home.
By the time i got home, i was surprised to find it had opened its eyes.  I fed it more apple juice, and suddenly it took off out of the box and buzzed around the house gathering the interest of the cat.   I caught it with the towel and took it outside.  She stayed on my hand for a bit, then took off back out into the wild.

I used to have a Senigal Parot.  Even though this thing was slightly larger than a june-bug, this experience made me miss her.

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  1. awwwww i saved a hummingbird once, it had bashed into a window in a storm.

  2. aww. The girls saved a morning dove a while ago that was caught in a storm. They haven’t done much bird- saving since we lived in the white house, though.

  3. This make me feel like I succeeded as a parent.


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