Pardon the Turkey

Hope everyone is having a better thanksgiving day than me.  I have a chem test on Tuesday with a chem teacher that makes casting a shadow look hard. Sarah, i hope, is posting pictures from the fire aftermath while i figure out how to calculate the percentages of chemicals in a gas.  Our feast today will begin at 5, wich is late for me.  Until now, every T day dinner has been around 2, giving us time to settle and talk before desert.  I wonder if people will be watching football too.  I already miss the old days of sitting in grandma’s house talking about making batteries out of saltwater and dodging responsibilities in the clean-up by running up the street to the big steel rocket on the playground.

2 Responses to “Pardon the Turkey”

  1. our t-day was great, you guys should have come here.

  2. We had fun, though it was just us and a couple of friends dropping in now and then. Wish we could have seen some more family though.

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