The Greener side of the Slipery slope.

bad day

There has been much upheaval in the local media about water conservation.  None of it seems to focus on 2 simple facts:  1.  This is a desert, there is no water here, we import our water.  2.  There are too many houses built on it.  If the authorities want any real impact, the solution would be to completely outlaw all sprinkler and irrigation systems for recreation.  This would kill all the lawns, close all the golf courses,  and dry up all the flowers in front of the old peoples houses.  Suddenly everyone could see for themselves;  this is in fact, a desert.  We have taken over like a virus, injecting our own little pockets of reality to hide our patch of dirt’s true identity.

I have a lawn.  Well, I have a patch of grass, anyway.  It’s so small that a dog could step over it without noticing.  It gets water for about 4 minutes a day early in the morning.  I got a broken weed-wacker that I fixed with some parts from a car alternator.  It needs a couple of swipes from this twice a month to not look like a shrub, so its doing fine.  I have various other plants, a couple of trees, all growing more than I would like them to.  Others however, seem to think their lawn needs half an hour of drenching at 2 in the afternoon.  This is more effective at cleaning out 6 blocks of gutter, as the grass is dead.  I think the “water saving” landscape installed across the street uses more water than I do.

Every night on the news out here, there seems to be a water main rupture from a helmet haired reporter with a name like  “Brock”.  IMHO its just sizemic activity acting against old pipe, but it still bothers me that the next story is from a nasally plasti-blond about a new law that says we can only water our grass on a Thursday morning, unless you do it by hand, holding a rock over your head, wearing a politically correct t-shirt.

The real problem?  there’s too many people here.  maybe we need to make it less inviting.

I just had an epiphany;   maybe that’s what they are trying to do.

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  1. I’ve always wondered why some desert folks insist on having lawns. If my landlady wouldn’t throw a fit, I wouldn’t even have one here, and we get snow.

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