More Tooth Pics.

Some of you are about to be amazed.   Well, at least some people that haven’t seen me in a while.

I no longer have crooked teeth,  but I may still be subject to the name “Can-opener”

Last Monday, the dentist said that my teeth were ready for the next phase.  The following conversation between the D and the assistant was mostly ignored until i heard him say “blah blah put a power chain between blah blah”…   I suddenly awoke from my stupor  “Excuse me, did you use the word ‘power chain’?”   Yup, he did. Never heard of such a thing before.  “couldn’t they use a more comfortable word?”  “like what”, he said “the cuddly comfy chain?”


Welp,  as you can see in the picture, across the gap is a small chain. Its job is to pull the front teeth apart.  For the next three weeks, I will have this “bling” along with my now straight teeth.  The next step is the bridge to fill in the hole.

Oops, that’s the wrong tooth missing picture.   here ya go


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  1. dentists scare me. Them and their power tools. And I have no insurance, so if I tried to get something like that done, I’d probably have a C clamp in my face.

    For the first few days, it felt like I had a C clamp on my face.

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