Junk in the Trunk: The Old Bag

No, not my wife.  I technically do not have a trunk to house her in, since I drive a pick-up.  Since room is cramped behind the seats, and I don’t drive that far anymore, I no longer carry an old bag.
Sad Old Bag
This is an overnight bag, with a change of clothes and a small bath kit.  The clothes are a pair of black $10 walmart jeans and a wrinkle free golf shirt.  (and of course, socks and draws.  It’s also good to get the pants a bit long to hide your socks)  This tends to look better than the money and conditions that brought it about. The bath kit is for what I call  a “car shower.”

I still keep a “car shower” kit in the glove box.  Its just a small travel deodorant, body spray, mouth wash,  folding comb/brush, and a packet of soap.  Enough to look presentable at church when you can’t make it home after a night at the sleaze den.

While in China I learned to keep, in even the smallest of glove-boxes,  a “gas station bathroom” kit.  It’s a small zip-lock bag with a travel pack of kleenex, hand soap, and a butt gasket.  I’m still waiting for the tiny “breath spray” size  of Lysol, but a tiny bottle of Listerine works ok.  I cannot find it, but someone has invented a clip that fits over the travel kleenex that doubles as a stall door lock.  If your in a bad ‘hood, or your really paranoid, prop a travel mirror on top of the urinal to see behind you.  However, I can’t imagine what you would do about it, if you saw anything behind you mid-stream.

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  1. I have a travel size bottle of Lysol… got it before I headed to Mexico a couple years ago.

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