For those of you who are familiar, but uninterested in the Build-a-bear phenomenon, Something new has come to us in SoCal.   Its like build-a-bear, but its cars.  Its called “Build Your Ride”.  the website is It looks kinda neat for a guy like me, you pick a body, wheels, accessories, and you get to use a “rack” to put it together.  You can go as far as to make it a full remote control car.


The cons;  The cars look too cartoony for me. Kinda like the Chevron commercial or the Cars movie.  All the accessories are pretty much just bling, of course, but I would like to see something more technical, like engine bay options, or steering.  Also, the remote control option steers like a tank.  The effect also looks cartoony.  the steering is by brute force on the drive train, and the car can spin in circles.  The radio looks cheap.


I hope this expands and gets better.  they need more options all around, like more car types.  Even so, I plan on building my own car and reporting on it later.

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  1. sounds fun. looks like there isn’t one here though. too bad, max would love it.

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