Fallen Dragon


Woah horsie.  This was quite a ride.

I have read alot of science fiction, but none writen as well or as clean as this.  Here is the secret:  Its actualy a romance novel.

Now wait a second.  It is sci fi, big time.  the guy knows his physics and he never does anything rediculous, this is true sci-fi.  But, about a third of this book is a really good romace novel.  I would actualy recomend this book to my sister, who is critical of most romance novels.

The good:

NO LOOSE ENDS.  everything that the book starts up, it ends.  It even ties up loose ends you didnt know about till they were tied up.  Physical reality is very good.  He doesnt break any laws of physics that were known at the writing.  There are fitting historical references, and a believable political climate.  There is no teleportation, but there is bioengineering and time travel.  Bioengineering is extensive, but the time travel is mostly mythical.

The bad:

Umm…   It was long?  I guess thats not bad with this book.  He does have an extensive vocabulary.  If you didn’t do well in English or Physics you might be reading some sections twice with a dictionairy.

Wikipedia all ready gives away way too much of the plot so dont read it if you want all the suprizes, and they are good ones.  I said the Joey from Blossom “whoa” out loud a few times.  I dont do that with most books.

This book would make a fantastic movie.  Or 2 or 3.

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