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I bought some powdered water, but i dont know what to add to it.


Here we go again, my Chem 1A class starts tomorow, as well as a rerun of calculus.  I still would like to talk to the guy who aranged the schedule this year, the only math class i can take is at the same time as the only chemistry class i can take, at all 3 places on the schedule.  To pull of this simester, i have to go to Norco campus on monday morning, in rush hour.  Then i have to truck back to Riverside to take the chem class, which currently doesnt have an assigned lab.  I am guessing the lab classes are only available during work hours or my other class.

To polish it all off, my car stereo fried itself.  I got it fixed now, but i cant figure out why the short fried my ignition switch instead of blowing the fuse.  So, today, during work hours, I had to pull the column apart again to replace the stupid thing.  If the old tape mechanism wasnt so complicated, I wouldnt have wasted most of an evening trying to get my Ipod to play thru it.  I bought an old EQ for a buck online that has the plug i need, and im hoping to rig up something that will play pandora on my phone thru the old box.

I realy would like a new stereo, but they dont make any car stereos that use real potentiometer controls.  Therefore, i am forced to keep the old hacked 91 Honda factory stereo i got from my dad running.  I plan on another post this summer showing what i did.

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  1. And anthropology combines all of it… I just try to focus on the non- math parts…

    I’m trying to think of how to get an MP3 player to play through my car stereo. It has no headphone jack, the tape deck doesn’t work, and there is no CD player. I’m sick of radio. And those transmitter things are a pain, since I drive through four towns to get to work/ school and back which means I get to change the station constantly. Oh, and the dash is designed in such a manner that replacing the stereo is impossible. PAIN in the ASS. Any thoughts?

    I thought anthro was just history and bio. O well. What kinda car is it? most of the time the only way to install an aftermarket stereo is to buy a kit that replaces the hole left with shiny newness when the old stereo is removed.

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