NyQuil – The SeQuil

All of the crimis shopping is done, except for sarah.  Only prison break was on tonight, so i bit the bullit, put my real guitar back in its case and tried Sarah’s Guitar Hero game.   meh.    Its not like playing guitar at all.  You cant fake over your screwups.

I didnt see the doc today, the nyquil worked, slept like a log.  Felt like one when i got up.  I tolerated work, pulling the intake off of a pontiac, and seeing new reasons that company is losing money.  Its major sergery just to replace a belt on that peice of crap.  Why do they think puting a thermostat an inch from the exaust manifold is a good idea?  Why do they atach wiring components to plastic covers?  There are more bolts holing on the left splash guard than there are holding the intake manifold on!

I drank lots of tea to get thru the day.  I use bulk tea, strait into one cup, stir it with a fork stuck in a cordless drill, and fold a filter out of a paper towel to pour thru into another cup. The Man bought me a big bowl of soup and Jumbo Bowl, and i feel prety good now.  I feel the coughing stage coming on now, so i think tonight will be another night of Quil.  third times a charm, but the third show usualy sucks.  Now what should i get sarah for crimis?

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  1. We got your package today. You’ll probably get mine sometime next week, since things have been so hectic. We’re hoping the mallet thing will catch on and become an essential and stylish kitchen tool- so Matt lathed one for you guys. It’s bloodwood and really pretty. He made one for marie too- can’t remember what kind of wood it is. but they’ll be on their way soon. Thanks for the tea and stuff. kids are thrilled. Oh, those irish cream things are awesome.

  2. BTW next year, can you send me one of those fork attachments for my cordless drill? Sounds handy.

  3. Thanks for the Trader Joes Brandy Beans, they are great. All the other stuff was good too.

    I usually enhance my NyQuill coctail with a shot of tequila and go to immediate sleep.

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