The NyQuil Before Christmas

I got a cold.  Not just one of those run of the mill “work thru it” colds, i got one ov those waking up with your brain stuck rebooting some stupid thing you saw in a movie while your trying to sleep.  After 2 doses of nyquil and 4 (real) sudafed tablets, I still couldnt sleep and i was still stuffed up.  I will likely see Dr Sihnder in the morning if i still cant sleep.

2 Responses to “The NyQuil Before Christmas”

  1. nyquill gives me wierd dreams and dayquill gives me wierd feeling awakes. Best to drink lots of liqueds and take extra vitimine C. My mom used to ward off the cold seasom by going to an orange and buying a box of oranges. She would set them out so us kids could eat orages anytime we wanted.

  2. I’ve been throwing at least three cloves of garlic in everything, and I got some chewable vitamin C for the kids. So far we’ve had a few cases of the sniffles but nothing major. Keeping fingers crossed here… BTW you know you’re in Utah when 32 degrees F is considered “not that cold…”

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