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I sucked my new wife Sarah into a ritual I started years ago. One night a week, I set aside for nothing but relaxing. Since most of what’s on TV sucks, I watch a geeky selection from netflix, drink a thick German beer, eat elaborate snacks and smoke a cigar. Since I usually watch star trek episodes, I call it star trek night.
Sarah does like some of what is on TV, tonight she wants to watch the “I survived a Japanese game show” load. This is yet another car accident that’s tarnishing the air-waves, IMO. Its another reminder to me of the fall of the Roman Empire. Remember the gladiator fights? They had the same idea. Lets get an audience to watch a tragedy of human behavior, and call it an event!
Some see Star Trek as tragic in itself, but that show, unlike most today, was looking forward. It strives for something better. People bouncing off of giant foam objects into unpleasant substances does not.
My choice of entertainment is pure wild fantasy. Give me something my brain couldn’t come up with on its own. Give me invertebrate intelligent creatures, traveling buildings, variable ending passageways, time warp, incomprehensible tools, dimensionally functional toys, and you got me hooked. There aren’t enough books on that stuff, and only occasionally is one really good, but I still like it.
Until this becomes more popular than ego-distorting judges critiquing human stupidity, I wont be paying a cable bill.

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  1. You know, when you say “new wife” it makes it sound like you’ve got an old one or two stashed somewhere.

  2. shhhhhh……..

  3. BTW: the picture is from “star trekkin’ video available on youtube.

  4. I generally stick to the History channel and the Discovery channel, Tru TV and the local news. Every time I flip through the hundred or so channels (hooray for free cable!), I end up being pretty disgusted at what people seem to like to watch.

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