Some People Never Learn

When i was a kid growing up in the desert, my sister adopted a German Shepard looking dog we called Woof.  (Its name was Wolf, but it was a dumb dog, so he didn’t mind)  As a puppy, it gallantly skittered across the tile floor, sliding sideways like a NOPI drifter around corners, then over the living room rug and under the coffee table.  As the puppy grew up, it didn’t seem to notice its size increasing.  Soon, as he made the Starsky and Hutch maneuver into the living room and under the table, Woof bonked his head on the crossbeam.   Every time.  Never figured it out.  I think one time the dog actually growled at that crossbeam.  That dog reminded me of someone today: Myself.

As many know, i am DIYing a mobile home to maintain its habitability.  Todays project was installing new air conditioner.  I had planned it all in advance, wired up a new lead from the box for the 220volt connection, and bought support materials.  As with any project you figure out as you go, you need to have patience.  Today, however, i had a gym appointment, dirty laundry, dishes and yard, and wanted to get it done in a hurry.  Ya cant do that.  Even if you have good plans, having good plans includes room to fix screw-ups and reinventions for ideas that didn’t work. I ended up missing my gym appointment.  Ya, the AC is installed, and i write this blog in a nice cool house now, but I’m not happy about it.  It works, but it could have been done better, could have looked a bit neater, could have had better support and vibration dampening.  I could have done without scratching the linoleum, cutting a last minute beam with a chain-saw, or having fingers, tools, and trash stuck together with sticky foam.  I’m one of those people that talks to himself when he’s mad, (family trait)  I was Woof.  As soon as I slowed down, things went better.  But, i still have foam stuck to my fingers, Its just nice that I’m not sweating too.

2 Responses to “Some People Never Learn”

  1. AH HAH, you did inherit he stupid gene. I was afraid that I was the only holder of the “impatient, get it done, do it now, anglo-american-mickeymouse engineering gene” that I got from my dad. The one redeeming factor is that, yes we get it done, no matter what the circumstances, lack of material or knowledge, we tear into it, toss the instructions aside, and after finding we missed a bolt, or put in something backwards, tear it apart again and hopefully with any luck put the damn thing together and it works.


  2. I miss wolf. He was a dumb dog, but he was cool. After he bit that stupid screaming girl (who I’m sure provoked it), the pound gave him to my boyfriend- at- the- time’s boss. They told him he was a really mean dog, so they treated him like he was mean. Pretty soon he didn’t even recognize me anymore, and turned into a mean dog.

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