California Firsts

We were privileged to free entry to the OC fair thanks to one of Sarah’s Co-workers.   We went for the second half of our redneck weekend and saw the first for California demolition derby with class C motor homes.  Some of you out of stater’s don’t see this as anything new, but it was awesome to watch.

These arent mine, in fact you can probly make out me and Sarah cuddling accross the carnage in the grandstands.

Saturday night, Toyota made available tickets for us to see a local nascar race.  It ended with a Figure 8 style race that got some yelps out of Sarah.  She may post a bit of this on her blog.

I have my own video of this, from my phone.  If its any good, i will post that too.

3 Responses to “California Firsts”

  1. Looks like interstae 91 on the weekend.

  2. Here is a clear shot from another stand
    If you put “OC fair motorhome” into youtube thers a ton of them now.

  3. One of the most redneck things I’ve ever seen.

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