Changing Face

In one week, I will be starting the last stage of years of work on my face. Those of you who know me are aware that i have a birth defect called a cleft lip. This, along with other oral oddities have required extensive work, including 9 stitches, broken wisdom teeth, and waiting for teeth to move and bank accounts to grow. Next Wednesday morning, the last stage begins. I will have one deformed tooth removed, and a retainer installed to move another tooth to a location where it can be used to anchor a bridge. Next week, if people arent too grossed out, i will post before, during and after pictures.

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  1. Remember Stephen? He doesn’t have all the problems that you have, but last year he had surgery to enlarge his palate or something like that so he could wear braces. He sent pictures. It was… not appetite inducing.

  2. I am so glad you are getting this done. I really feel bad that we could not afford to do it a long long time ago. I dont think I would like the pictures. I can STILL remember when you were only months old after your first operation we had to hold your arms to keep your hands away from your mouth. We were amazed at how strong those little arms were. After a lot of struggleing your mom found that if she did not put your arms in the sleeves of your clothes it made it a simpler like a stright jacket. I dont think you will have that problem this time around.

  3. no, i will be knocked out for most of it.

  4. Wow, it’s exciting that you’re having all of this done. Good luck and I know you’ll come through it just fine. Remember you have friends nearby if you need anything.

  5. Glad you’re finally able to do it- even though I hardly ever noticed it. Don’t think I’d like the pictures… but I don’t see anything wrong with getting yourself a nice comfy straitjacket!

  6. And if Sara needs a break from your incessant whining (just kidding), give me a buzz and I can relieve her. I’ve spent the last month in Houston taking care of my sister after surgery and changing really gross bandages. 🙂

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