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If you follow the news out here, my apologies, but your watching a bunch of real poor performers at their art.  this story is an example.  When this story first broke, a 12 ton  big rig had killed 2 people then went through a building at the end of a mountain highway northeast of LA.  The first report was that this was a continuing problem that no one was doing anything about and blame splattered everywhere.  6 months earlier, a similar accident happened, where that time the truck managed to plow a few parked cars around and not kill anyone. This time, a father and child were killed by a runaway car carier. Reporters made the city and the authorities look more guilty than the driver.  The truck itself almost had red horns painted on its forehead.   Oh, by the way, the driver was arrested.   Here are the facts.  The truck did not start off on the highway in question, it turned off of another highway. The other highway already had a sign banning trucks over 3 tons.  While even today, the media is still screaming for regulations, the fact remains:  If you drive a truck, you are responsible.  You know brakes will overheat on steep hills, you can read signs, and its not like there isnt an alternative route around here.  we dont need more regulations, we need responsible truck drivers.  The problem isnt the highway.  machines are run by people, not regulations.

Trucks dont kill people, people driving them do.  Stop trying to blame “stuff” and use people.  Your supposed to use stuff, and blame people.  Why is it 2 minutes on Wikepedia gets me more information than a half hour of news?

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  1. Because the news needs regulation! LOL

    The news has regulation, its called viewership. what it lacks is the realization that it has competition with the internet, and its competition is making it look stupid.

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