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OK i hafta say something about this, because it effects everyone more than i think they realize. Yesterday during my lunch at school, i got a news story about Obama’s announcement concerning GM and Chrysler. This is the news story no one seems to have heard, but it was what Obama said before the stock market puked up 300 points. The prez man explained a plan to cover GMs butt by having the government guarantee car warranties on cars manufactured by a defunct GM. There were a few other details, but the gist of it was treating American car companies like children, and telling them they better clean their rooms or the government would do it for them. Ouch, what a threat. Here is my problem:
The reason GM, Ford and Chrysler are in a bigger hole than the other car companies, is because they made bad decisions. their costs are too high, there quality is too low, and finaly, frankly, their product is about to be obsolete.  Guaranteeing the success of a dying horse?  ask someone at Santa Anita how that sounds.
Ignoring the mess of the Zap corporation (which looks like it should become a fraud investigation) new companies are coming forth: Aptera, Tesla, and Fisker are the largest that come to mind. If the big 3 were to colapse, these little three could take over quite easily. these three companies are car manufacturers. (Zap claims to be but we have no proof of that yet). Not just any cars, but extremely eficient cars and electric cars with long ranges, and performance numbers that make the gas engine look obselete already. This is the future of the car, not GM. If anything in economics made sense to people that failed the class in high school, it should be that things change. The automobile is way overdue for a change. Please Mr. President, stop trying to save the old mule thats asking to be put down. The other coast over here has better ideas.  Ideas everyone between Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh would like.  C’mon white house, let the old horses walk thier last lap and die.   We could use the glue.

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  1. I keep hearing that “Americans need to buy American” in order to save them. If I knew I could buy American and not spend all my time and money getting the cars repaired, I’d totally be on board with that (remember my truck?).

  2. You are correct but why oh why are the europeans like Audi. Porsche and VW doing so well? Could it be a little better business sense and quality? GM etc are dead already and all Bama is doing is pumping good money in dead companies. I agree let them dye, and maybe acouple of banks too.

  3. /agree

  4. Let’s just treat the irresponsible companies like children. They screw up, they live with the consequences. Of course, the rest of us will, too, but at least we know that this mess won’t happen again.

  5. I agree. Corporations like GM really need us to pull the plug and have a wake already. We’ve got better things to spend our money on!

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