Rotsa Ruck

My only good luck with numbers lately.

I call the lady with the Chrysler today, see if its still running or traded it in.  Shes been either driving it for the last 2 weeks, or it broke, she’s pissed, and not talking to me again without a lawyer.

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  1. I feel yer pain. I work part-time (also in school full time!) as an advisor for a four man garage. One of our customers went on vacation and left her car with us pre-authorizing about $1k worth of repairs. Ever the forgetful one, she comes back and all of a sudden she didn’t approve this and that. Never even calls us, she just sues claiming we never performed the work. Two weeks ago I faxed her lawyer receipts for the parts we purchased. Case dismissed. We’re lucky though because since she was a regular customer, I wasn’t “on guard” and forgot to get her signature on the estimate I had shown her!

  2. Do mechanics have insurance like health care practitioners do? When I worked at Adagio (massage therapy) I went through HPSO and was insured for up to a million bucks in case someone decided to sue. We did have someone hint that she might, but I guess she knew there was no way she could win, as she was currently suing an unaffiliated chiropractor.

    I hate people like that…

  3. California is very lax on that stuff for automotive. the shop is required to be insured for liability i think, but as far as lawsuit, your on your own. Automotive repair is still seen as a “dropout” job by most people, even tho cars are so complicated now. I think there should be many requirements on shops that dont exist now. namely certification of mechanics.

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