Sensors Weep 4

If my sceptulation is correct, a problem with one sensor was showing on both of them, explaining why I had codes for both at the same time.  Not enough of a problem to actually effect anything the sensor was putting out, but just enough  for the computer to gripe like an old lady and throw it in limp mode.
I limped back to the shop and ordered the output speed sensor and went into pulling the garage apart to get to it. After replacing it, the car drove fine, no problems.  I sliced open the wire tail on the old sensor, and didn’t see anything suspicious, but when I looked closer i saw small cracks.  I pinched the wire in my fingers and the insulation between the shield and the conductors crumbled like Parmesan.   Some mechanics are familiar with this, a guy i used to work  for called it goat milk insulation.  Seems the European car makers haven’t learned their lesson yet.
I had done my research and found other VW’s with these codes, and didn’t want to be another mechanic that threw sensors at it and sent it off only to have the problem return.  However, if I had just done that, I would have accidentally fixed the car, and I would be smoking a cigar at a party a bit earlier than I did.   But, a small part of me is proud.  My internal Spock is happy.  I found an actual problem, and I did a fix that I know is a fix.  I didn’t assume, I didn’t shotgun, I didn’t send them off with something half fast. Only problem is I still go home with the same paycheck and the same grease stained bottle of Tylenol. Still, jobs like these make my blue collar feel like a tiny cape.

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  1. I’m quite certain Spock would indeed be proud.

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