Norwegian Sunbather

Work is slow again, so my mind is observing its tendency to go for long walks down short thoughts.
Here are a few things I have pondered as of late.

An accident between an Isuzu Ascender and a Chevy Avalanche.

A designer for Ford on the Snap-on tool truck measuring extensions and screwdriver handles in an effort to make sure none of them fit in locations where they would otherwise be useful.

Fiat is buying Chrysler.  The new European company could be called Fiat Chrysler United Kingdom…  FCUK.

Over the police scanner we heard a call about a man sitting in a lounge chair in his front yard cussing at no one.  Sounds like my retirement plan.

In an attempt to attach a plastic molding to a car door, I pulled out a special adhesive for bonding plastic to metal.  I couldn’t get the cap off.   The glue was in a metal tube with a plastic cap.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely retirement. Maybe I’ll visit when I’m 80 and we can put a couple of lawn chairs out front and sit there and swear at nobody all day.

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