Finaly We Get the Tooth

Well, Its done.  I have finished the removal of the can opener, and have my new grill installed.  This week, I ate a huge Red Delicious apple, chicken wings, A huge Hamburger, and my foot while trying to speak.  I also discovered I can no longer hold my pen-light in my mouth, or open a bag of chips with any precision.   School starts this week, so I expect to see a difference in how people treat me, which is the whole reason for this investment.  We shall see if it pays off.   Sarah gave the kissing test a thumbs up.   Now, if I could do something about that chin.

7 Responses to “Finaly We Get the Tooth”

  1. Wow, you look like a totally different person. Don’t see any issue with your chin.

    Would that be the first or second chin that you don’t see an issue with?

  2. Looks great.

  3. Jo says you chin will go away if you work out with Sara and loose some weight.

    ????? I cannot comment myself.

  4. Your teeth look fantastic! Congratulations.

  5. Hay Jason! It looks outstanding!! Good to see your mug 🙂

  6. Teeth make a HUGE difference in whether or not people treat you like crap. Since Matt has had his dentures, he’s a lot more confident and people treat him like a real human being. Myself… I had to have my left first premolar extracted because my insurance (that I now don’t have anyway) wouldn’t cover a root canal… yeah, people see a missing tooth or crooked or otherwise bad teeth and you’re automatically a second- class citizen.
    people suck.

  7. You’re so right. The worst part about it is that even with dental insurance, tooth-saving procedures like root canals are impossibly expensive.

    I have good insurance, coverd half of the cost of this round, which was about 3 grand. However this was built on a lifetime of oral surgery. I had 9 stitches in my mouth at one time.

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