Global Squirming

How the World Was Made.

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News broke today, that another element of Al Gore’s Inconvenient movie was false.  The UN admitted to the artificial creation of data about Iceland icebergs and how fast they are melting.  This comes months after data came out about a lake in the Middle East,  that supposedly dried up from global warming, actually dried up because of nearby water demands, very similar to how the Owens Valley lake disappeared.

I watched a  Netflix release of a History channel documentary last night called “How the Earth Was Made.”  While much of the early science of the earth’s history is still in doubt,  it did make some clear points about how silly Humans are in their efforts.  Here are a few points.

The planet has already gone through 3 phases of extinction of life.

The planet has gone through a snowball age, and several ice ages.  The current position of the tectonic plates effects the ocean currents such that a 15-20 thousand year cooling and warming cycle occurs.  Human activity will only delay the inevitable.  (by maybe 20 years)

Most of the world’s volcanic activity has caused greater destruction than anything mankind has invented, several times over.

Pangaea was not the first super-continent.

We, and most life on the planet can be wiped out in many ways, including entire sections of the mantle blowing apart due to magma bubbles in the core,  ice sliding across New York, Asteroids, and even shifting plates shuffling continents like folding rugs.

The Matterhorn is made from chunks of 2 different continents. (not the one at Dizzyland)

Scientists have “proven” things about the earth many times, and then “proven” them wrong. Despite all we have learned, we still simply don’t know that much.

Also on the disc is a long documentary about volcanoes.  The special features end with a disguised apology for the human race with global warming,  in which the scientists contradict what was said in the feature.

Some things do not make sense to me, like the existence of water before oxygen.  considering the composition of water, and the existence of lightning, there must have been oxygen before the first signs of life.  Also, since the existence of iridium is due to asteroids, and its breakdown is slower than uranium, why is most of the iridium around today from newer asteroids?

While this video leaves unanswered questions, I still found it an enlightening learning experience.

2 Responses to “Global Squirming”

  1. Sounds interesting. Maybe it was a different type of water that no longer exists? Primordial ooze perhaps? Like how when NASA goes looking for life on other planets, they base their search on life forms that exist here, bacterium and vegetation and such that rely on the environment provided by our planet. They could well be missing forms of life that we simply have no concept of because we have a hard time conceiving of a type of life that doesn’t rely on oxygen or water or what-have-you to survive, and has a reliable, predictable cell structure.

  2. I have to admit I was suspicious of “An Inconvenient Truth” because it was so boring! I thought, why would Gore try to get his point across by putting us to sleep? There are many, many old educational films collecting dust that could do that!

    The next time Gore tries to tell us “the truth”, he should dress it up a la Michael Moore. 🙂

    How goes the healing?

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