Stress relief is very important. I take frequent breaks, I make sure my breaks return my stress level to something reasonable. However, before I take those breaks, my stress is at its peak. I have a hard time explaining to The Man that when I take a break, I need peace and quiet. What adds to the stress is that we do not have any sound proofing between the shop and the office and entry way.  I have accepted this as much as i can, but sometimes my customers are still surprised. Not to mention, questions hollered through the wall at me from the office on my break. The following research results are for The Man in his office, and my customers that walk into the shop during my peak periods of stress.

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  1. Maybe some sound cancelling earphones are in order here, or a handy tree with a base ball bat ?


  2. My graph looks pretty similar, except I swear more with the kids crap even though I try really hard not to, and you’d have to replace “auto repair” with “laws of physics and/ or computerized electronics.”

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