And life changes again

I went to Cal Poly Pomona today to speak to a counselor. After driving by this place on road trips several times, I was strangely suprised how long a trip it was. Probably because I drove my own truck instead of Sarah’s Civic. It looks like i need to come up with about 8 grand to pull off 2 years of full time school to get my Engineering degree. Or, take it slow and graduate sometime after I turn 40.

The campus was huge and green, and very well catered to student comfort, my first impression. I visited the bookstore, not quite as big as UCR’s. The student center was scant and partialy under construction, and shockingly did not contain a Starbucks (but one is coming).

I am hoping to pull the 2 year deal, starting summer or fall of 09. I hope The Man understands my ambitions, but it looks like my days as Geeko are numbered.

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  1. 8k isn’t too bad for tuition. Of course then there are books and such, and if you’re broke, you’re broke. I think it might be easier to get funding than you think, because you’ll be an *older* student. Funding is usually a lot more available to those outside the usual age for college.

  2. LOL they’re pulling all the Starbucks cafes OUT of Utah. Except maybe two.

  3. Lots of funding available, Jason. That’s how I got through Cal Poly, the credential program and 3/4 of my master’s. Some loans, some grants. Go to financial aid ASAP and get the ball rolling.

  4. I say GO FOR IT! The worst thing I EVER did in my youth was to NOT get a degree. GET IT even if it takes till you are 40. I could have had two good paying jobs but was passed by just because I did not have a degree.


  5. And to expound on your dad’s post — you’re eventually going to be 40 no matter what. Might as well be with a degree!

  6. Whatever it takes, we will get you your degree. And you can take the Geeko out of the shop, but you can’t take the shop out of Geeko.

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