Dodge Rampart

On Wednesday morning, I got to work early to find 2 cars in the parking lot.  One was a ford ranger that has been around for a month, waiting for someone to get around to it.  It was a lean-sale that needed major engine work.  The other was a Mitsubishi Id never seen before.   One tire from the truck was replaced with a bagel spare, and resting on a scissor jack.  That tire was on the front right of the Mitsu.  strange, we don’t work on mitsus,  what was going on?  I called The Man, he new nothing, but told me to call another guy that had already invested money in the truck.  He knew nothing either.   I went back out and looked at the car.  It was hard to see inside, due to tinted windows.  peering in, i saw lots of crap and then i saw a leg.  That was all i needed.   I called the cops.

Minutes later, a single black & white pulled up and walked around the car.  after peering inside, he backed up quickly and drew his upholstered gun up to his  shoulder level, approached the car again, pointing his hand canon through the windshield, and banged on the windshield.  I kicked myself for not making a video, I was holding the camera in my hand.  he backed up  as a scroungy tweeker stumbled out of the car.  Then to my surprise, another, rather old guy piled out behind him.   A backup car arrived, and they were cuffed and stuffed.

We became more popular than a do-nut shop for the next 3 hours.  Apparently, they had decided to nap before finishing their work and forgot to wake up.  Every new cop that showed up heard the story and laughed.  It became the dumb criminal story of the day.  The car was full of stolen mail and tools missing from all around the city.  They were on parole, and experienced criminals.  Not experienced enough, i guess, they told the police they only wanted to borrow the tire.

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  1. Yeah this would have been great on video. I remember you yappin about it on FB and still get a kick out of it.

    Why don’t you guys work on Mitsubishi’s?

    we only work on nice cars.

    nah. We actually can work on them, but we are a bit out of the financial range for most owners.

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