Sensors Weep

That day started out simple.  A 2000 Jetta comes in with the complaint “stuck in 3rd gear”  Ahh  Limp mode of course, this should be simple.   2 days later I’m putting an extensive number of plastic pieces back together with bandaged fingers.   What could have gone so wrong.

The codes were for circuit failures of both speed sensor circuits.  The likelihood of both of them failing simultaneously was doubtful, but id be willing to bet any other shop would have just grunted that both sensors should be replaced, and point them to the dealer.  The problem is that one of these speed sensors is under a motor mount, under a  wire harness, under a battery tray next to the main airbox.  Once you get to it, its just got one bold holding it down and it pops right out.   It would be like a contractor telling you that the garage must be removed in order to replace the light switch in the bathroom.

First thing I did was look for shorts  inside the trans.  Common problems here with the harness attached to the solenoids.  One of them read a little low, so I decided to go inside.  When I pulled the pan off, the trans fluid looked like it would stick to a magnet in one giant clump.   I asked The Man about this, and “Oh Ya.  It happened an hour outside of Vagas and she drove it home that way”.   Yeesh.  5 hours on the freeway in limp mode.  Car has 175,000 miles on it.  Almost gave up right then.  Both engine and trans shot, “Next RO please”.    This was a regular reliable customer, so I kept digging.  These cars are tougher than they look too.   Then things got worse.  With the new solenoid, the torque converter clutch stuck on.  After fussing with it I yanked it back out and found the new solenoid stuck on mechanically. I put the old one back in and threw the new one at The Man to send back defective.   That was day 1.   (to be continued)

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  1. so is this a series? I have lots of phone calls about the audi CVT trans sensors too. Unfortunately they are only part of the whole control unit and bucu bucks.

  2. Wow. Your customers and their cars are very lucky to have you, I must say.

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