Calculus problems

I am having trouble with fast talking teachers and inacurate math lab assistants finding 4 different ways to do a problem that already takes an hour to do.  Here is a sample of one problem, for which there seem to be 3 ways to solve it by people that are “smarter” than me.

“A community birdwatching society makes and sells simple bird feeders to raise money for conservation activities. The materials for each feeder cost $6 and they sell an average of 20 per week. A survey finds that for every $1 increase, they lose 2 sales a week. find a function that models weekly profit in terms of price per feeder, and find what price gives the maximum profit. ”

I thought it was obvious that they should keep the same price, and just find a cheaper supplier in Elbonia.  The function Sarah helped me with, and the one the math lab prescribed were both wrong.  Maybe i should stop using the toothpaste i brought over from china.

Anti-Calculus Toothpaste

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  1. I dont know about the calculus, but some of that stuff they make over there has weird chemicals in it. I think I saw a new article that said they were using ethyline glycol in the tooth paste, yep that is antifreeze. Get Sarah to translate the ingredients.

    I agree with the market stratigy you have, forget the stupid math and sell the damn bird houses.


  2. the pic is a joke. read carefuly

  3. LOL I must have been using the anti- Algebra stuff for YEARS!!

  4. Well, the picture is fuzzy and they did put that stuff in their toothpaste. Good joke tho.


  5. now i know what you are doing with your study time!

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